Mo mo won`t come. Momo, let me teach you to answer him like this: “I`m not coming. Meng xiao yuan does not like me. I only hope that your marriage will be blessed – you two will win hapinnes until the hair becomes gray `Are you kidding me!! Her ex-boyfriend called her early in the morning to invite her to her wedding, 😡 I understand that her choice does not cry after another man, but that he is not with another girl and that the story returns again. I also hope that she will decide to go to the wedding with her husband and destroy this asshole and show her husband how well she cares for him. Momo was right to sever his ties with Lin Ji Yao! Seriously, what`s going on with this guy? She once told him to leave her alone and come to her wedding. She has already xiao nan, the trully loves her! She should decide to think only of himself and not of another man because she hurts him. She must be strong and never remember the past!!! Visit their wedding and show them happy qre now with you. yes xiao nan ye. Go with her to the wedding and show them hahahaha. I can`t until you`re married hahaha Waaaahhh!!! I think it was another who told her that the event was casual. We look forward to the next chapter.

I love this story and hope you can post more chapters in a week. And thanks mangasy I just downloaded after I found that there are some errors on the translation. Ahhh, this manga is still a cliffhanger. I hope that Mo Mo will show up with Ye and be beautiful with his true love by his side. Thinking about her ex is not my wife. Ugh. Thank you for downloading. Hello I`m looking for a manga that is a beautiful lady who works in a wedding shop. Her employees often misunderst`t know her as a bad girl because of her beautiful face and the fact that she almost brought down a client-husband to fall in love with her. I think she`s going to marry her boss at the wedding shop. I don`t remember why, but she`s very good at pretending to be strong.

For mm… Can you help me? I read a manga that I don`t remember a girl from a wealthy family who marries a prince (who lives in the desert) because her father taught her self-defense and all the candidates nearby where she lived didn`t want to marry her and she was in love with the desert prince.