Imagine that you made a big mistake ten years ago in the eyes of everyone you know. Everyone judged you harshly, and you also misjudged you. But is it because you made a mistake that you should suffer for the rest of your life? It`s not fair. Your reaction is that you live with shame, guilt and low self-esteem; Your reaction is that you feel like you are worthless and want to end their lives, and maybe you don`t even know why. Through dynamic presentations, group debates and question-and-answer sessions, you will discover the source of self-limited beliefs that inhibit joy and create unnecessary suffering in life. Learn to change your consciousness by applying a powerful code of conduct based on Toltec`s wisdom and capable of transforming your life into a new expression of freedom, true happiness and unconditional love. The online course “The Four Agreements for a Better Life” will deepen your understanding and practice in the four chords and lead you to the life you really want to live. Watch cinematic-quality videos, study at your own pace and unlock the power of these falsely simple arrangements. It`s time for a better life. If there is something in your life that you don`t like, you must first be aware that it is the result of a choice you have made. If you take a step back and focus your attention on what happened just before this result, you will find what you did that caused the result that you don`t want. Once you find out what steps you`ve taken, the next step is to forgive yourself for the reaction and change the choice, change the action and see what the reaction is. If you don`t like the result, change it over and over again until you get the desired result.

The hard part is being aware of it. Everything we learn from the outside is contrary to consciousness. But you can practice consciousness until you regain consciousness. To raise awareness, you must break agreements that are contrary to yourself and reaffirm your commitment to agree on the four agreements. You need a very strong will to adopt the four agreements, but if you can start living with these agreements, the transformation of your life will be staggering. Once you start, you will see the results, and it becomes easier and easier. There`s going to be a time when it`s going to become automatic. Once it becomes a habit, the transformation of your life happens very quickly. You see the changes and your self-esteem rises, your enthusiasm rises and self-acceptance returns to your life. Do you feel helpless, trapped or undeserved the life you really want to live? Your true nature is unlimited, powerful and free, and if you widen your consciousness to perceive who you really are, you get away with infinite possibilities.

“When I took this course, I was reminded of why I am suffering unnecessarily and how the exercise of the four agreements can help me avoid all this suffering. The messages in each lesson were very effective, and the exercises allowed me to reflect on what I had learned and apply the concepts to my life. I recommend this course to all those who want to live more tranquility in their lives. “In this lesson, we distinguish between the reality that life creates and the virtual reality that people create using language. Life creates reality, and people create stories about reality. With words and chords, we build a building of knowledge. . A whole belief system that tells us what we know about ourselves, about life, about everything. With all the knowledge we accumulate, we no longer perceive what is real; We only see our own knowledge. Our belief system is like a mirror that just shows us what we believe. You also practice tried-and-tested techniques to challenge fear-based beliefs that deprive you of happiness and prevent you from living the life you really want to live.

When you have been raised or “domesticated” to be part of humanity, the power of your faith has gone into everything you know.