In addition to not paying rent, a tenant may also violate the rental agreement for one of the following offences: See new temporary rental rules at Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria. A 10-day notice of the end of the lease for unpaid rent or utilities may be distributed to tenants who do not pay the full rent or service benefits when they are due. If the tenant believes that the lessor is in breach of the tenancy agreement, he or she may follow an infringement procedure similar to the one described above. The tenant can write a letter to the landlord or use the specially designed form: notification to the owner of the breach of contract (form 23). Remind tenants of a common tenancy agreement that they are all equally responsible for paying rent and repaying the debt as an entity. If your tenant does not respond to your rental requests, you are entitled to take legal action to apply for possession of your property. Use our letter to request unpaid rent from a tenant who has lived in the property for less than 28 days: a notice of compensation for infringements (form R11) can be issued as soon as the tenant is late and gives him at least 2 days to pay the unpaid rent. If the tenant pays the rent on time, the room contract continues. If the tenant receives rent and does not pay rent, the collective well-being for the territory should be contacted in order to suspend the contract until the matter is heard. If a tenant does not pay the full rent on the day it is due; The next day, they`re a day late. A landlord may have the tenancy agreement terminated if the tenants present a bad cheque or are late in their rent and cannot make the payment within an agreed time.

It is important to remember that there are procedures to follow. Remember that landlords cannot simply evict or force a tenant under any circumstances. Step 2: If the tenant does not correct the situation within 14 days, the next option for the landlord is to suspend a termination (form 1C) (do not use to not pay the rent). The objective is to terminate the lease no earlier than seven full days after receiving the notification. Step 1: inform the tenant of the breach of contract by providing the tenant with a notice of contract (except the payment of rent) (form 20). This gives the tenant 14 full days to solve the problem.