Home College: Service members must identify the institution that serves as the institution of origin. This home school develops a student agreement with the service member. On March 1, 2019, participating schools do not report student agreement data for service members who enroll in an SOC-DNS diploma. At the end of March 2019, the VA set a deadline to remove all references to SOC from school marketing materials. The same date applies to schools to comply with the agreement, but not the specific Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges-convention, which no longer applies within the deadline. Added to this is the idea that the member schools have agreed on a new approach to the old concepts of SOC through a Common Education Association Memorandum of Understanding or, in short, DoD MOU; All higher education institutions must approve this agreement in order to obtain federal training funds through programs such as the GI Act. What is at stake in the adoption of the DoD agreement? In order for a service member to become a soc student, he or she must provide the military documents necessary for the assessment. The student must submit one of the following information:, 3) The Common Services Protocol or 4) a transcript of one of the military schools such as the Community College of the Air Force or the Coast Guard Institute. Students in related programs must complete at least 22.5 hours in residence. Undergraduate students must complete at least 45.0 hours in residence. Bachelor-Diplom-Program students are not allowed to participate in the SOC Charles Town, W.Va., April 22, 2008 – American Military University (AMU) is proud that schools offer Assistance Programs to Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Degree Network System for the Marine Corps (SOCMAR), Coast Guard (SOCCOAST) and Membership (SOCNAV). AMU is a member institution of the American Public University System (APUS). SOC is a consortium of national university associations and approximately 1,900 institutional members, of which Strayer University has been proud since 1984.

SOC provides higher education opportunities for active service members and their families.