At the end of the day; But there is one thing that surpasses everything: trust. When you meet the showroom team, you both need to be familiar with long-term collaboration. IMPORTANT: We have in the house team for consulting and developing all trade agreements, deeds, projects. Online creation and verification of all business contract formats by experts. 17. The second part will not in any way abuse the first PARTY mark or any other mark under which the goods will be delivered by the FIRST PARTY party. In no way will the SECOND PARTY use these marks for transactions during/after the agreement, others then the company`s business and that, even with the company`s agreement, The SECOND PARTY will ensure that all brands and its corporate image must be high. 7. The disposition of the goods delivered by FIRST PARTY corresponds to similar goods stored in the country with other FIRST PARTY franchisees and, based on the above data, THE TWO PARTY would be entitled to the Commission/Margin, which is the subject of a monthly vote.

If applicable, the income tax payable must be deducted before the money is released from the margin. The parties will develop a report and mechanism for allocating the commission and costs, as explained in this agreement. The buyer may revoke the contract in writing at the address within 14 days of the purchase without justification or if the customer receives the goods by reference or retraction before the expiry of that period. The revocation is at the address (as for a summons) 25. That this agreement fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal in —————— for any matters arising from the implementation of this agreement and the performance of the undertaking by one of the parties in the context of this agreement. Remember, this is not a zero-sum game. If you`re okay, the showroom is fine. So you both have to work to make the cake bigger instead of using hardball trading tactics.

Each showroom will have different strengths, so look closely at their distribution and distribution channels to ensure your brand orientation. If you talk to other brands that have experience working with showrooms that interest you, you will get useful insights. 19. That this agreement apply for the duration of ———————- from the opening date of the showroom. The revised terms may be extended by mutual agreement. 24. If there is a dispute over the interpretation of the terms of this agreement of this or something done or refrain from being done in the muses, this is appointed to the arbitration procedure of an arbitrator by both parties and such an arbitration procedure is required to ——— in accordance with the provisions of the arbitration law, and that decision is binding on the parties and their representatives. 9. That the SHOWROOM is run/managed/controlled by the SECOND PARTY. All employees/salespeople are employed by THE SECOND PARTY. All incidental expenses, i.e.

salary, telephone, electricity and water costs, showroom cleaning/storage costs, post/messaging fees, credit card/bank commissions, etc. All operating costs are covered by FIRST PARTY. 1. That both parties agree that the proposed retail showroom should be used exclusively as a retail store for products provided by the FIRST PARTY party. All additional premises, provided they are offered by THE SECOND PARTY, will be added with the mutual agreement of both parties.