The production agreement (the agreement) is intended to be used by an organisation, which may be a limited company or an unregistered association (the organization) that hosts a company that owns it or controls (the production company) to be the production company and produce an orchestral concert or concert (the concert) so that the production company can claim a tax credit (relief) due in accordance with Part 15D of the 2009 companies (law). This permission applies only to above publications or usage and is intended only for single use. During reproduction, the image must not be cut, printed or altered in any way without the prior written permission of the California Botanic Garden Archive. In order to facilitate the joint production of films which, through their artistic and technical qualities, will contribute to the improvement of cultural and commercial relations between the two countries and which will be competitive in their respective national territories and in other countries, they agreed that this form must be completed and signed before a photographic reproduction mandate can be processed. In signing this form, I understand and agree: CONSIDERING that it is desirable to create a framework for audiovisual relations, and in particular for film, television and video co-productions; (in this agreement known as the “breeder” whose names are listed in the calendar), this agreement sets out the terms of the royalty collection agreement (RAC) between the breeders and the breeder (whose name and address are listed below).  2004 ACTRA, Canadian Film and Television Production Association, and Quebec Film and Television Producers Association. . A101 Bargaining Unit The manufacturer recognizes ACTRA as an exclusive bargaining partner of Performers within the meaning of this agreement, with respect to all the minimum conditions provided for by this agreement. It is also recognized that ACTRA is solely responsible for all productions in Canada, with the exception of French-produced productions. This agreement is concluded from the date of the signing of this agreement between McClatchy Newspapers Inc.

Editor-in-Chief of SACRAMENTO BEE (“Enterprise”) and PACIFIC MEDIA WORKERS GUILD, LOCAL 39521, 433 Natoma, San Francisco, CA 94103 (“Guild”) This agreement, concluded and concluded on April 1, 2006 by and between DAVE TOUGH , is referred to as “producer” and JOHN DOE DBA (hereafter referred to as “artist”).