Make sure there is clarity in this aspect of your landscaping contract. You can indicate that the customer must pay $amount per hour, plus the cost of the equipment, taking into account landscaping services. This applies if you charge by the hour, but make sure you clarify your billing method if it is fixed and if you receive a prepayment. Before I get into the concept of storage fees, I want to make sure that we are on the same side. Although we all want to make a profit with design fees, most of us use it to sell this work. If we can even break at our expense for the draw, it`s a bonus. The reality is that most of you use designs as a waste guide. If you sell this job, it was worth the time and investment and everyone is happy. If you don`t sell it, the designer will blame the estimate and estimate will blame the designer. In exchange, both accuse the owner and claim that his prices are too high. The owner is angry with everyone, because he is the owner. If you chose to create your proposal instead of modifying the landscaping model already created, this is a perfect guide. Keep reading while learning the basics of writing a landscaping proposal that can win the heart of every client.

Once you have approved either our project or an existing design that you already had, a proposal will be prepared for the installation of your new landscape. If we receive the signed contract and down payment, we will plan the ordering and ordering equipment. Work usually begins within two to six weeks of contract acceptance, depending on the weather and season. Professional landscape design and installation create added value for your property with a better return on investment than many other transformation projects. According to Money Magazine, investing in landscaping has the potential to increase the value of your home by 15%. Add this to the delight of having your own outdoor living space, and you`ll see why investing in a landscape is an investment that will pay you off immediately. Add the date the agreement was made and add other relevant information, such as the expiry date and duration of the project. A: I`m from the PLANET Green Industry Conference in Louisville, Ky. I came back where I was a speaker and host at breakfast with champions.

One of the hottest topics was, as always, how to attract high-end customers. Inevitably, this discussion leads to one of the biggest problems in our industry – design costs and how to calculate them. Your project should be presented with a specific timetable for the implementation of the project.