It was certainly not this complex, scientific study intent to come up with a number of steps to get couples on the same side, positive when problems arise. But on reading the report, I could not help but feel that husbands and wives would be well inspired to be as well aware of their usual way of dealing with disagreements. If things do not go in the right direction, if you remain unhappy, or if your relationship has lost its charm, I want you to know that dealing with disagreements in marriage/relationship will be simple according to these 6 methods. 24. Commit to learn and practice these 24 guidelines on “fair struggles” in marriage and accept that they call them “fault” if one of you accidentally or intentionally violates any of these guidelines. (You can agree on a dollar fine for each injury!) As difficult as it is to resolve conflicts in marriage, we can claim God`s promises as much as we do. God not only bless our efforts on the basis of His Word, but he also tells us that he has a finite purpose for our trials. First, Peter 1:6-7 tells us: Few couples like to grant it, but conflicts are common in all marriages. We had our share of conflict and some of our disagreements were not pretty. You could probably write a book about what you`re not supposed to do! And I couldn`t imagine that the marriage educator who was aware of the study would not want to challenge couples to improve their communication skills and promote the ability to disagree.

As every marriage has its own tensions, it is not a question of avoiding them, but of how to deal with them. Conflicts can lead to a process that develops unity or isolation. You and your spouse must choose how you will act in the event of a conflict. Get to know your reaction to disagreements and know when to be calm or when to express yourself. Their relationship is very different from any relationship there. Lack of esteem can be a more serious problem in marriage. Marital conflict is an example of not taking into account the health of the relationship. We grow up together.

If one of you does not see the side of the other, ignores the opinions or puts the entire blame on them, looks for ways to create a conflict, the marriage, the relationship will not last long. Disagreements in marriage also occur when you expect your partner to disagree with something without telling them. But just like many stories of the old, pride actually went before the fall.