“Now that construction is finally complete and the collective agreement with our employees is now approved, the new BC Place is poised for a whole new era,” said Howard Crosley, BC Place`s General Manager. “Now that it all comes together, we look forward to working with all our employees and hosting an even larger event on the new BC Place.” Their union is considering whether a type of wage space managed by the BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) is permitted in the collective agreement, and is pleased that the recent interim agreement with the BC Government and Service Employees` Union (BCGEU) has now been ratified by the membership of BCGEU Local 1703. Smith says work is underway to scan the collective agreement to see if it provides for income or compensation for periods like this. The latest conditions agreed by Queen`s Printer and Unifor are the latest: in addition to the teams of food and beverage servers you see during games and shows, there are technicians who maintain the building. Full-time craftsmen will continue to do their jobs. See the latest Letter of Agreement from the #13 Crown (PDF, 1.43MB) This includes people who work at BC Place, who work for two different employers: PavCo and Servomation Inc. VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Uncertain times are imminent for people who work in places in Vancouver who are effectively closed, as big-crowd-events are prohibited amid concerns about the new type of cornavirus. . The most recent terms agreed by the province and the B.C. Government and Service Employees` Union (BCGEU) are: . BC Public Service Collective Agreements: “We urge employers to consider the financial impact on our employees. We have heard at other large stadiums where team owners or employers pay employees for all cancelled events. She says it`s time for companies like Servomation to stand up and help affected employees.

In the meantime, BCGEU is also asking all BC companies to waive medical mentions during the epidemic before falling ill. “Full-time workers are assigned to maintenance. But all schedules were cancelled for events and for part-time workers. This will be problematic, as you can imagine,” says Stephanie Smith, President of BCGEU, which represents BC Place`s approximately 700 unionized employees. The Vancouver Whitecaps season has been on the ice for 30 days and Playdome has been canceled for this weekend. The Rolling Stones are scheduled to play at the stadium in May, but it hasn`t been cancelled yet. Duncan Blomfield Marketing – Communications Manager 604-661-7360 Nurses` 16th Master and Component Agreements (PDF, 2.04MB) Etits to ETO – What You Need to Know: Video Information This compressed information video provides a brief overview of the steps needed to implement the new working hours in the ETO component agreement.