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Moving Floor is automatic cleaning. Automatically cleaning 15 times per day increases hygiene, saves labor and improves production results.

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Automatic cleaning stops bacteria growth, which has shown to be of importance for animal growth and production results.


Manual cleaning


Automatic cleaning




We take calf rearing as an example: By increasing the hygiene the calves are healthier. Healthy calves covert feed more efficiently and calves on Moving Floor tend to grow 20-30% quicker during first months in life. This can lead to a lowered insemination age and savings of about 25% per raised heifer.


Save labor

Minimum 50% work reduction

Healthy animals

Increased hygiene makes healthy animals

Increased growth rate

20-30% increased average daily gain on calves until weaning

Reduced recruitment cost

25% reduction of costs per raised heifer


calf pen, hutch, kalvbox, igloo

Moving Floor Group box

Moving Floor Single box

Moving Floor Cubicle

Moving Floor Pig equipment



Moving Floor has received support from the EU programme EIP for developing Moving Floor for pigs. We have also received initial funding for a project on combining Moving Floor automatic cleaning with drum composting as to create a closed system for manure handling. More information will follow.

Moving Floor wins CleanTech Scandinavia’s second prize handed out by Minister of Innovation and Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan. We want to thank everybody that voted on Moving Floor!


Did you know that the growth of bacteria in manure occurs exponentially? In order to prevent bacterial growth the manure must be quickly removed from the barn. We did tests to check bacterial growth in cubicles. The result shows many millions more bacteria in a conventional cow stall than a Moving Floor cubicle.

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gnuer liten

The inspiration behind the Moving Floor came from a TV program about the gnues on the African savannah. They live thousands of animals together, but are very rarely sick. The reason: They wander over large areas and never stay in their own or others’ manure. The solution is movement!

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Tests show indications of 20-30% increase in daily growth of calves in  Moving Floor calf box. It is worth many hundreds of dollars per raised animal.

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