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    Moving Floor Cirkel

    liggande ko


    Moving Floor Cirkel

    rullande golv

    Clean animals, healthy animals, low bacterial growth


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Moving Floor is a concept of self-cleaning floors for dairy and pig and the very latest in animal husbandry that significantly improve profitability and animal health. We have long known that hygiene is important to stay healthy for us humans. Now we turn our attention to the animals. Moving Floor comes as group box for calves, cow cubicle and pig equipment. Moving Floor revolutionizes the industry by cleaning countless times per day, thereby preventing significant bacterial growth. Bacteria and bacterial growth is impossible for the eye to catch. Herein lies the advantage of Moving Floor. What hidden potential has your herd?




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Did you know that the growth of bacteria in manure occurs exponentially? In order to prevent bacterial growth the manure must be quickly removed from the barn. We did tests to check bacterial growth in cubicles. The result shows many millions more bacteria in a conventional cow stall than a Moving Floor cubicle.

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gnuer liten

The inspiration behind the Moving Floor came from a TV program about the gnues on the African savannah. They live thousands of animals together, but are very rarely sick. The reason: They wander over large areas and never stay in their own or others’ manure. The solution is movement!

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Tests show indications of 20-30% increase in daily growth of calves in  Moving Floor calf box. It is worth many hundreds of dollars per raised animal.

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